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Sister Rosette's Secrets
Open up the window and let in the daylight.
tuesday is a new beginning 
27th-Jun-2006 07:00 pm
Rosette2 w/ gun
let see, i joined some lj comms about that have to do with mst3k, mst3k and mct3k (for the mcr fans out there). they are good comms been giving me a good laugh, and they reminded me mut3k or mystery usenet theater. anyone remember them? so i searched online last night and found one of my favs! making fun of a HORRIBLE x-files fanfic. i wonder if there are any mut3k comms...if not maybe i should start one...hm...

oh i got sent a job on careerbuilder (admin. assistant) from one of my brother's friends so i looked it up. i thought what the hey so i submitted my resume and guess what? the guy called me. he is up near binghamton neaw york and he said that my resume looks good but i just dont have the experience yet but he said that if i am not making the money i want to in 1 year to call him back because he'll consider me again. well it is a big move but the guy was really nice so it just made me feel good about myself. maybwe i will call again in a year. they had a really good salary.

i went to a meeting today. i talked to one of the ladies on break about my drinking. i told her i dont really get the steps and i cant say im an alcoholic. i kinda hinted that there was other stuff i am trying to hide under the drinking like shit with my parents and shit with my old boyfriends. and she said not to look at all that other stuff and try to understand all that other stuff just concentrate on not drinking. she said thats all i have to do right now so i feel a little better about that. i think i was setting to high expectations on my self.

the meeting was good. i'm glad i went.

although i am STILL sick. i can't live life this way anymore.

thanks to everyone who reached out to me in my last post. i wasn't expecting anyone to say any thing so it means a lot to me that people i dont even know in real life would say such nice things to me. thank you. it means a lot to me.
27th-Jun-2006 11:58 pm (UTC)
glad you went to the meeting :)

binghamton is truly the middle of nowhere...especially if it's not directly in binghamton. but who am i to talk, it's even more middle-of-nowhere-ish where i go to school. but yeah, so it's not a total loss.
28th-Jun-2006 03:11 am (UTC)
It's cliche but, you gotta take it one day at a time, one problem at a time. Concentrate on the not-drinking, THEN once you have a clear head for a while, you can deal with the other shit.
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